Why am I blogging about Buddhism?

Welcome to my blog about learning Buddhism. I am fairly new to this wonderful religion (or philosophy if you prefer) and I’d like to keep track of everything I learn here.  A good friend of mine suggested to update this weekly since finding good information for beginning Buddhists is difficult to find. So I really hope that at least one other person finds my website useful. But, there are lots of other great sites on a myriad of topics that will undoubtedly do a much better job than me, and I’ll list those out below. Those will be the “expert” sources for anyone who wants to dig in a bit deeper to specific Buddhist related topics.

Just so you all understand a bit better of where I’m coming from, here’s why I’m so fascinated with Buddhism right now. I’m so drawn by the overwhelming messages of peace and compassion, along with the idea of living in the now and embracing the concept of “life is suffering.” It makes complete sense at this point in my life right now and everyone I’ve met associated with Buddhism has been so refreshing and calm. It’s hard to explain in a few simple sentences so keep up with me as I share with you what I learn from week to week!

Buddhist Websites I Like

http://www.thebuddhadharma.com/ is a great magazine/news source for Buddhists. They’ve been around forever and are one of the most trusted sources in Buddhism.

http://www.buddhanet.info/wbd/ is a nice directory for all sorts of Buddhist resources, but most notably a finder to locate Buddhist temples in your area.

http://www.singingbowlzen.com/ is a wonderful site with articles written for beginners to understand on topics like Buddhism, meditation, and of course singing bowls. They also sell beautiful tibetan singing bowls which are a popular Buddhist ritual item.

http://buddhism.about.com/ is a massive collection of articles about all things related to Buddhism. You can really get lost down the rabbit hole surfing through all the links on there.

Please, if you have any other good links to sites that you think deserve to be linked on here, email them to me. I’m always looking for more ways to make this ancient Asian philosophy mesh with my American pop culture upbringing.


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